Ep 20 – Driving Around On A Friday Night In 2000, with Dan Gregor & Doug Mand


Dan Gregor and Doug Mand have written for How I Met Your Mother, The Comedians, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Most recently, they wrote a movie – that Dan directed, and Doug co-starred in (alongside Adam Pally & Rachel Bloom) – called Most Likely To Murder! And its out On Demand now, so you can go stream it RIGHT NOW. BUT FIRST you can listen to this playlist we made for driving around on a Friday night in 2000, like a bunch of real cool kids.

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Ep 19 – This Steam Ship Will Take Me To An Exciting New Life, with Paul F Tompkins


Paul F Tompkins – hilarious comic, beloved voice actor (Bojack Horseman, Bob’s Burgers), podcast king (Spontaneanation, Threedom) – is one of the most delightful people you can spend an hour talking to. An hour and 15 minutes?? EVEN BETTER. We made a playlist for boarding a steam ship bound for a thrilling new life!

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Ep 18 – Our Funeral, with Chantal Claret


You might know Chantal Claret from her band Morningwood, or her solo releases or other musical projects. Or you might know her from her work on Netflix’s Love, or her guest host appearance on MTV’s Catfish. What you might not know is that she spends most of her free time thinking about the fragility of life and what music goes well with a funeral cold-cut spread. So we created a playlist for a funeral! Who’s funeral? Chantal’s. And Eliza’s. It’s a double funeral. Get ready to throw some roses on our corpses and dance.

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Ep 17 – Pre-show Playlist For A Comedy Show In 2008 with Kara Klenk

**Today’s episode is the FIRST Cool Playlist ever recorded!**
Kara Klenk is a hilarious stand-up comic who has toured the country and run successful live shows in NYC and LA. She started  comedy in 2008, and it changed her life. So we made a Pre-show Playlist For A Comedy Show In 2008!
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Ep 16 – Getting Ready For A Rap Battle, with Utkarsh Ambudkar


Utkarsh Ambudkar is a good pal and a great actor (The Mindy Project, The Muppets, White Famous). But he’s also a killer MC – UTK the INC – who used to frequent rap battles in New York, including the one Eliza created and produced. So we made a playlist for Getting Ready For A Rap Battle!
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Ep 15 – Dismantling The Patriarchy with Kate Schellenbach


Kate Schellenbach (Luscious Jackson, Beastie Boys) is a drummer, former punk kid, and producer for the Late Late Show with James Corden. She came by to share stories about being in bands and hanging with Joan Jett, and to make a 90s-heavy playlist for dismantling the patriarchy!

Oh, and Kate’s first choice isn’t on Spotify – so you can find it on YouTube.

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Ep 14 – I “Like” You Mix (’89), with Edgar Wright


Edgar Wright (Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz) is a writer and director, especially known for his brilliant use of music in film. So clearly we had to create a thoughtful playlist about great musical moments in movies… YEAH RIGHT we made a playlist of fuckjams for 15 year olds in 1989! Forget getting over crushes this week – get INTO them, in the most blindly adolescent way you can muster!

(Oh, and Edgar made an extra long playlist, so Eliza added her extras, so it’s double length.)

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